Merchants is a lively three-floor restaurant situated in the heart of downtown Nashville on the corner of Broadway and 4th Avenue. The notable building dates back to 1892 and has a torrid history that mirrors the electric events that have shaped the personality and character of this downtown area.

The street-level entrance of Merchants leads to a vibrant black and white bistro, often filled with a cross-section of local business men and women, tourists, and those attending events in the downtown area. The bistro boasts quality cocktails, comfortable food, and impeccable service.

The second floor of Merchants is open for dinner only and has a totally different vibe than the bistro. A little nicer, a little more upscale, it has a separate menu than the bistro. The dining room on the second floor offers more refined dishes, a more expansive wine list, and several top-tier steak options.

The third floor of Merchants is private dining space, ideal for rehearsal dinners, business dinners, cocktail events, and any other reason to gather some of your closest friends together to enjoy company and sustenance.